Is the analysis based on well thought out criteria?

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Journal Article Analysis

Length: 3 pages single-spaced

Purpose: The purpose of this paper is to purposefully read a peer-reviewed journal article from your own field of research and analyze its different components. The analysis will help you to evaluate the effectiveness of the article.
Link to the Article:
(The pdf version is attached)

Suggested Organization:
Introduction: Introduce the article by providing relevant information about it including, but not limited to author/s name/s, article title, journal name, publication date, topic, purpose, intended audience, and why you chose to analyze it.

Analysis: What are the different sections of the article, or how is the article organized? Is the organization useful for the reader? What is the purpose of each section and how successfully does the article fulfill the purpose of each section? What does the article propose to do? What are the technical terms used? How clearly are they defined and explained? What is the problem statement? How well is the problem statement addressed?

Language: Is the language of the article clear? Is the language appropriate for the intended audience? Are technical terms defined and explained? How readable is the article? Provide quotations from the article to substantiate your claims about the language use in the article.

Visual aids: How effective is the use of figures, charts, diagrams, tables, and images? What is the purpose of visual aids?

Conclusion: Present an overall evaluation of the article. What limitations does the article have? What would you have liked the author/s to address? How useful is it for your own research?

References: Include a reference to the article in IEEE format.

Checklist for this paper:
1. Is the article from a peer-reviewed engineering or technical journal in your field?
2. Does the analysis meet the minimum length requirements? (3 full pages, single spaced, with blank line between paragraphs)
3. Is it in a proper format?
4. Are there headings for the sections?
5. Does the analysis have an introduction telling the reader the purpose, plan, and scope of the assignment?
6. Did you include the article’s title, author, journal name, and date in the introduction? Save the complete citation (page numbers, volume, issue, etc.) in IEEE format for the reference list at the end.
7. Did you describe how you found the article?
8. Make sure you do not just write a summary of the article. You may want to write a few sentences about the overall contents of the article, but this assignment is an analysis, not a summary.
9. Does the analysis state the article’s purpose?
10. Does it state the article’s intended audience?
11. Is there an analysis of the article’s introduction, the main discussion, and the conclusions and recommendations sections? Is the analysis based on well thought out criteria? (Words like “good” or “bad” are insufficient. State the good and bad points backed up with the “why” and “what” for each item. Specific examples, in quotes, should be given.)
12. Are visual aids (tables, graphs, images and figures) discussed?
13. Did you include a complete reference to the article in IEEE format at the end?
14. Did you use quotation marks for direct quotes and provide in-text citations when you used material from the article?
15. Did you proofread the assignment? Make sure there is no typos, misspellings, and grammatical errors.

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