Because the final project is more complex, you can start in week 7.

ou’ve had some practice now creating servers, VPCs, subnets, and security groups. You’ve created a simple VPC. For the Final Project in the class, you are going to create a slightly more complex VPC. This VPC will include two servers and two subnets. One subnet will be private and the other public. We will assume that one server is going to be a database server (which should be protected by a private subnet) and a web server (which can be made public).
This Final Project will require you to use most of the AWS resources that you’ve worked with throughout the course.
Read the specifications in these Instructions for Completing the Final Project (docx) closely and then work through the steps as described. There is no video to accompany the project.
Because the Final Project is more complex, you can start in Week 7. It is due by Midnight on the final Wednesday of the term.
Make sure to submit all of the following items:
A screenshot of your VPC dashboard.
A screenshot of your EC 2 dashboard.
Submit your screenshots to this Module 8.1 Dropbox.

Health Care

I would like these reviewed for grammar because i did them myself.

I have to work on this paper in sections. You will see the first sections complete. I would like these reviewed for grammar because I did them myself. The next sections I need done are outlined in the document attached. The entire paper will not be complete – Just the sections listed in the rubric.


1.can you think about what are the ethical challenges from a research perspective related to online data storage – such cloud, etc.?

1.Can you think about what are the ethical challenges from a research perspective related to online data storage – such cloud, etc.?
2.What do you think of first impressions? Are they generally accurate for you? If so, what information do you use to make these impressions?


There was lots of great vocal music during the baroque era.

There was lots of great vocal music during the Baroque era. The main genres of the early Baroque vocal music were the Madrigal, Motet, and the Opera. The main genres of late Baroque vocal music were the Italian Opera Seria, Oratorio, and the Church Cantata. In this chapter, define and discover the sounds of each vocal creation. After reading, share your definition and the name of the piece that your heard to discover the sound.
List of Topics and Sub-Modules for The Baroque Vocal Music
This information can be found in Chapter 4 from the following link


Fully complete assignment

Refer to the attached PDF for all information as well as the attached spreadsheet. Complete parts 1 and 2 in the PDF.


Research and compare program funding of each school.

Write a 250- to 300-word response to the following:
Dr. Brown, a nationally known speaker, was invited to speak to the entire administrative staff in your school district. His message was unsettling. You have decided you want to examine adequacy and equity in your district.
Select two schools in a district of your choice.
Research and compare program funding of each school.
Describe any inequalities between the schools in adequacy or inequality in funding.
Recommend strategies the district could implement to improve adequacy and equality in these schools.


Using your estimated future cost (including inflation) as future value, determine the amount of money you must save each month for the next 10 years (i.e., 120 months) to achieve your goal.

Here is your opportunity to dream! Choose a vacation destination anywhere in the world (to which you must fly) for a 2-week trip (assume you have vacation time from work to take the trip) that you would like to take exactly 10 years from today. This can either be an individual vacation, a couple trip, or a family excursion, depending on your life circumstances.
After you pick your destination (remember, dream big), determine the following: (PLEASE SEE THE TRIP DESTINATION AND SOME COST IN THE ATTACHED FILE)
-Determine travel expenses for all members of the group.
-Identify lodging expenses for the entire time period of the trip.
-Estimate the daily food expenses.
-Make a list of activities that you would like to engage in every day of the trip. Determine a cost for each day’s activity list (e.g., tickets to amusement parks, museum entrance fees, boat trips, scuba diving, deep sea fishing, entertainment venues).
-Make a list and associated cost estimate of any other expenses that you believe should be included in a total cost estimate for your vacation (e.g., pet boarding, house sitting, airport parking fees).
-Determine if someone earning a high income or someone earning minimum wage would be able to afford this trip?
Note: You must research all aspects of your list to substantiate your cost estimates; that is, you must demonstrate and/or document how you derived each cost estimate in the list.
After gathering and organizing all collected data, prepare a document describing your destination (including your reason for choosing that location), listing (and substantiating) all costs of the trip (this can be done in a table and must be clear and provide sufficient detail so that the reader understands your interest and passion for your vacation), and determining a total cost of your dream vacation from the time you leave to the time you return.
Assuming that your estimated total cost will grow by 2.5% per year (due to inflation), demonstrate how you would compute the expected future cost of your dream vacation.
Suppose that you can invest money every month into a fee-free mutual fund and that this fund is expected to have a 10% nominal annual rate of return. Using your estimated future cost (including inflation) as future value, determine the amount of money you must save each month for the next 10 years (i.e., 120 months) to achieve your goal. Then, determine the monthly amount you must save if you delay your trip for an additional 5 years (that is, you will take the trip 15 years from today = 180 months) instead of 10 years from today. (Note: Be sure to add the 5 additional years of inflation to the estimated future cost.) Write an explanation for your calculations so the reader is completely clear on how you derived your required monthly deposits.
Based on this numerical representation of your dream vacation, write a well-contemplated critical analysis of your trip. For example, explore questions such as: is this something that you think is worth saving for, have you changed your mind after seeing the reality of the required sacrifice, are you rethinking the location or luxury level of your accommodations or daily outings, and so on.
Note that you must properly cite all reference sites that you used to collect data to estimate your costs value, etc.
Length: 8 to 10-slide PowerPoint presentation, not including title page and references; (You may wish to include appendix pages in your presentation to accommodate any tables, figures, or images that do not fit within your presentation.)
References: As this is your dream vacation, you will be responsible for researching and providing your references. Please list at least three references.
Your presentation should demonstrate thoughtful consideration of the ideas and concepts presented in the course and provide new thoughts and insights relating directly to this topic. Your response should reflect scholarly writing and current APA standards.


Where we stand – democrats.

Create a peer response to at least TWO other student’s entry, citing at least one reference (NOT the course textbooks). Learners will read, analyze, and respond to questions and comments from faculty and fellow students. A course expectation is that discussions will reflect real-world manifestations of students’ work environments or expected work settings. The response(s) must be thoughtful, reference-based and can generate further discussion. The response(s) must be approximately 75 words to include reason you agree or disagree with fellow peer.
Peer 1 Saskia:
The Institute of Medicine Future Initiative of Nursing Report outlines nurses’ roles, responsibilities, and education and how it should change to meet the increased demand for care that will be created by health care reform (Institute of Medicine, 2011). As a student nurse practitioner, I believe that the key message of advanced practice nurses being full partners with physicians and other health care professionals, is the most important to the profession. Presently as it stands, there are doctors, researchers and management making decisions for how nurses should practice without fully understanding the scope of a nurse and what they do on a day to day basis. Nurses have experience in providing direct patient care; communicating with patients and their families about health status, medications and ensuring the relationship between the course of treatment and the desired outcome (Institute of Medicine, 2011). It would be beneficial for nurses to be full partners in care environments, because they can help identify problems as well as implement plans for improvement. If nurses are able to serve as full partners, a culture change will be needed where healthcare professionals hold each other accountable for improving care and collaborating with one another.
The Campaign for Action is a national campaign to transform health and healthcare through nursing. The Campaign for Action envisions a healthcare system where nurses contribute to the full extent of their capabilities (Future of Nursing: Campaign for Action, 2022). There are multiple factors limiting the nursing profession’s impact on politics, but nurses are vital to the development and implementation of healthcare policy. Nurses are part of the largest medical profession in the world and therefore should be leading the way in redesigning the healthcare system. The DNC believes in investment in community health worker care-forces around the nation proven to prevent, manage, and better treat chronic illnesses. Their campaign also wants to increase opportunities for community health workers to come from the communities they serve. Democrats want to invest in health science and research for the benefit of our people, our economy, and our global competitiveness (Democratic National Committee, 2020). The RNC believe that the employer-employee relationship of the future will be built upon employee empowerment and workplace flexibility. Republicans also believe the greatest asset of the American economy is hard-working Americans. Their priority is getting people back to work by fostering growth that creates jobs, which runs through commitments on education and workforce development (Republican National Committee, 2020). Both committees want to support nurses in making a difference in communities and believe in the ever evolving healthcare systems.
Democratic National Committee. (2020, August 29). Retrieved September 28, 2022, from
Future of Nursing: Campaign for Action. Campaign for Action. (2022, August 15). Retrieved September 28, 2022, from
IOM (Institute of Medicine). 2011. The Future of Nursing; Leading Change, Advancing Health. Washington, DC: The National Academies Press.
Republican National Committee. (n.d.). Retrieved September 28, 2022, from
Peer 2: Maria:
The Institute of Medicine (IOM) in the United States of America is aimed at discussing solutions for the complex health concerns that the United States is currently facing (Democratic National Committee, 2022). The IOM has formed an alliance with the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation with a desire to develop a strong and significant healthcare workforce with the primary goal of creating a partnership to develop an experienced team. This report is aimed at providing a horror report regarding the problems associated with the nurses. The IOM nursing report has positively transformed the healthcare sector by recommending a thorough assessment of the nursing staff. Nurses are urged to fully use their knowledge and skills (Smiley et al., 2018). Nurses should complete a maximum degree of education and training to gain maximum professional competence. This report also proposes creating an education system that can enhance and encourage the academic progression of nurses. This report also encourages the nurses to fully partner with other members, especially in the healthcare sector, including physicians. This recommendation increases nursing leadership opportunities and encourages group improvement. The RWJF and AARP have also launched a campaign for action to guide the recommendations of the IOM report (Cleveland, Motter & Smith, 2019; Campaign for Action, 2022). The action coalition invites stakeholders of the healthcare sector, such as nurses and physicians, to seek measures that can help transform the healthcare workforce. By the adoption of the recommendations and suggestions by the IOM report, different practices, identification of needs, and different suitable models can be practiced for the improvement of the involvement of nurses in the healthcare sector.
Nurses can make a difference by influencing health policy. Nurses are patient advocates, which makes them great influencers for health policy. Nurses have individual views on healthcare issues and can influence healthcare policy by becoming members of their state or national association and writing their state representatives. Coalitions and organizations have more resources and can bring a group of people together to strategize to bring the organization’s perspective to the health policy decision-makers. With a shared understanding of how nurses can influence policy, nurses will recognize the importance of policymaking in the health sector and its influence on this process and patient outcomes.
Campaign for Action. (2022). Action Coalitions – Future of Nursing: Campaign for Action. Retrieved 27 September 2022, from
Cleveland, K., Motter, T., & Smith, Y. (2019). Affordable care: Harnessing the power of Nurses. OJIN: The Online Journal of Issues in Nursing, 24(2).
Democratic National Committee. (2022). Where we stand – Democrats. Democrats. Retrieved 27 September 2022, from
Smiley, R. A., Lauer, P., Bienemy, C., Berg, J. G., Shireman, E., Reneau, K. A., & Alexander, M. (2018). The 2017 National Nursing Workforce Survey. Journal of Nursing Regulation, 9(3).


Write a 250- to 300-word response to the following:

Write a 250- to 300-word response to the following:
Your staff now has a better grasp of capital and operational expenses. However, now they want to know a little more about the decision-making process for capital projects. You now need to identify the decision-makers involved in capital projects and outline how bids are solicited.

Criminal law

Finally, examine the different management issues and their anticipated impact on security operations and, based on your understanding of the ratings and any other independent research you have completed this week, discuss the possible reasons for the responses and what you might do as a security operative to address the first six (6) issues.

The Week 2 readings and assignments introduce students to the study of “risk management” and the application of its principles in designing a cost-effective security program. Students will discuss the process used by security professionals to identify and assess potential events organizations face that may render their assets vulnerable for harm or loss. Students will also begin identifying specific threats to assets and the management challenges confronting security directors.
Finally, students will have an opportunity to consider the critical competencies required of a security director in today’s security environment to assess risk and design and implement a cost- effective security program.
The Forum this week specifically addresses the ASIS International 2003 “General Risk Assessment Guideline” and its seven (7) Practice Advisories in an exercise designed to enhance student skills in assessing risk in a “real world” security setting. Students will be required demonstrate their skill in utilizing these guidelines in the final project for this course.
Students will also reflect upon– and discuss the possible reasons for corporate security director responses to a survey conducted by Securitas Security Services USA, Inc. regarding the most critical threats and security manager challenges their particular organizations are facing at the present time.
The ASIS “General Security Risk Assessment Guideline” is a 2003 ASIS International publication and a key resource for security operatives responsible of examining, evaluating, and managing risk to organizational assets and planning security operations.
After thoroughly reading and studying the publication’s contents, particularly the seven (7) Recommended Practice Advisories and the corresponding commentaries, explain why a corporate security officials must understand the various risk management principles and be able to apply those principles when assessing the vulnerability of an organization’s assets. Incorporate into your response the significance of determining not just the various crime-related AND non-criminal threats to assets, but also the impact or “criticality” (losses, harm, and costs) of those threat or “risk” events AND the probability or likelihood of those events occurring. Use examples to demonstrate the points you make in your response.
Finally, identify the various information sources available to corporate security officials to determine the probability of the various threats that may be directed at the organization. Again use examples of sources used by a real-world company (Exxon, Walmart, Apple, Proctor and Gamble, Amazon, Kroger, etc.) to demonstrate the points you make in your response.
NOTE: Students will be required to employ these strategies in their final project.
“Top Security Threats and Management Issues Facing Corporate America” is a periodic Securitas Security Services USA, Inc., publication that assists security directors in completing their security planning.
After reading the results of the their most recent Survey of Fortune 1000 Companies and the “Emerging Trends” section of the publication, discuss possible reasons for corporate security director responses to the first five (5) security threats.
Also explain why security operatives in different industries place different emphasis on certain threats and provide specific examples. Finally, examine the different management issues and their anticipated impact on security operations and, based on your understanding of the ratings and any other independent research you have completed this week, discuss the possible reasons for the responses and what you might do as a security operative to address the first six (6) issues.
Risk Analysis & The Security Survey